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Dublin Tours - Fun, themed tours for Dubliners & tourists!

Have you ever wondered about the history of Dublin but not had a chance to explore our Capital? Walk Dublin gives you an easy, fun and themed means of understanding various aspects and era of history and culture on these fresh Dublin Tours.

The Mostly Medieval Tour explores Viking and Norman Dublin in a light and lively manner.

Hidden History of Dublin Homes explains how housing has shaped our lives over the generations and how many ways there are to live.

The Coffee Tour gives an insight into the 1700’s world of Coffee Houses, their culture, their networking and the taste of coffee back then. Was it better or worse, you can decide with the tastings and see if you can discern the difference between coffee and coffee substitute.

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Medieval Tours

Dublin was a walled City for many hundreds of years, firstly there were wooden defensive walls built by the Vikings. Later the Normans constructed high, solid stone walls around the City. However the walls enclosed a very small area and were no more than a ten minute walk East to Left.

By the 1600s bombs could blast great holes in the walls so their purpose was largely redundant. Development expanded beyond the City walls and Dublin finally grew.

The marker in the picture shows where the wall used to be and you can trace the outline of the walled city by following the map on this marker.

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Dublin tours & fees

A day in the stocks, when your feet were locked into two wooden panels and you can't get out
€20.00 per person

Mostly Medieval Dublin tour

Mostly Medieval is a tour is set in a very different time when children worked and got up really early. They slept in the same beds and shared this room with their parents, yuck! Often their houses had just one room.

Mostly Medieval Dublin
€25.00 per person

Hidden Dublin Homes tour

Hidden Dublin Homes, explores houses in Dublin through the ages. What does home mean to you? Is it an apartment or a grand Georgian House? It could be a boarding houses, or a tenement in the past?

Hidden Homes
Two colourful coffee cups and a silver coffee pot. These tiny cups are used during the tastings
€30.00 per person

Coffee Tours Dublin

We begin outside a 1700’s Coffee House and start to discover the rich coffee culture. Coffee Houses in Dublin were lively places where merchants met to haggle and make deals.

Coffee Tours Dublin
The main square at Trinity College Dublin
€40 per hour

Bespoke Tours in Dublin

We have bespoke tours made to your exact wishes. If you have a family, work or friend get together, why not create your own tour. We can adapt something or create a brand new experience just for you.

Bespoke Dublin
€15.00 per person

Rats for Tots

A treasure hunt and walking tour of Viking and Medieval Dublin. Lots of games and questions to really understand a very different Dublin

Rats for Tots
A cobbled street in Temple bar, people walking and blue skys
€15.00 per person

Deadly Dublin Evening Tour

Deadly Dublin is a character driven tour where we find the most unusual, brilliant and nefarious Dubliners among the most famous Georgian or 1700’s Square in Dublin.

Deadly Dublin Evening Tour
The is a beautiful restaurant called Mercado 52 that specialises in Californian and Ibiza style food and tapas
€120.00 per group

Safe Christmas Party Tour

Are you looking forward to meeting up with your colleagues but feel a little concerned about Covid 19? Well Walk Dublin has a nice solution for you. We have an evening walking tour for your own private group.

Safe Christmas Party Tour

Reviews from Google

    5 star review  I've signed up my two 11 years old for the walk and attended as well. It was such a fantastic walk and Ruth made it fun, interactive and full of stories,. We've learned a lot about medieval Dublin and discovered places we haven't been to before. I will never look at Dublin the same way. Highly recommended. Thanks Ruth!

    thumb Tomasz Czajka
    April 5, 2022

    5 star review  I had such a wonderful time on the Hidden Homes of Dublin tour. Ruth did such a fantastic job of curating a unique tour. I did four walking tours during my visit and the Hidden Homes tour covered areas and history that were not at all touched upon in the other tours. Ruth's passion for the city and it's unbelievable history, kept me captivated the entire time. I learned so much and had a great time exploring areas of the city that I never would have ventured into on my own. I highly recommend the Hidden Homes of Dublin tour and I look forward to doing another one of Ruth's tours on my next visit.

    thumb Stacy Gilroy
    March 31, 2022

    5 star review  I recently booked the Mostly Medieval tour for my two friends who were visiting from Brazil. We all had a great time, I was so pleasantly surprised how much I learned about a city I've lived in my entire life. Ruth made the tour fun, insightful and really interactive. I would definitely recommend doing walking tours as its something different to do especially during Covid, we felt safe being in a small group and being outside with good weather was a bonus

    thumb Jessy Gallagher
    January 3, 2022

    5 star review  Had great fun during Mostly Medieval Dublin Tour with Ruth! Such a great experience discovering hidden gems of the past!

    thumb Nicola Caldarulo
    December 5, 2021

    5 star review  My friends and I enjoyed a really passionate and amazing Medieval Dublin tour with the lovely Ruth guiding us through all the gems from the Middle Age hidden in plain sight in the city center. She told us stories about ancient kings and princesses, peasants and shepherds, cats and rats and for an hour and half we were living like in a fairytale world. We really liked the way Ruth overcame a bitter December morning to entertain us during all the tour also with funny stories and games.

    thumb Valerio Chiapparino
    December 4, 2021

    5 star review  Really enjoyed our walking tour of Dublin. An interesting and informative walk and talk around the historical city centre of Dublin. Engaging and enjoyable for children.

    thumb Patricia Holbein
    August 20, 2021
Lady leaning on a Viking longboat the remind us of Dublin's long history

Dublin Tours

This boat is located at the point where a Viking Longboat was grounded back in the 800’s. On this Dublin Tour you will discover that when a Longboat was grounded it meant that the Vikings were here to stay. Were the Irish ladies happy to see the fair haired foreigners? This part of the City is called Wood Quay and was the port of Dublin for many hundreds of years. In fact the River Liffey extended much further into Dublin and this boat was on the shoreline. What were the boats bringing to Dublin and who were they from Dublin?

Can you imagine a completely wooden world? All thee roofs made of straw, even the great Cathedral of Christchurch. What would the port have smelled like, with fish being caught, animals roaming the streets? This Dublin Tour gives you the opportunity to bring the past to life and then you can visit the National Museum and see the genuine artefacts for yourself.


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