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Halloween Holiday

Halloween Walking Tour Dublin

A child looking up at the Medieval Wall of Dublin. Halloween Walking Tour Dublin

Looking for something to do?

The Halloween break is coming up and Walk Dublin have the ideal tour to get you out in the Autumn Air.

The Mostly Medieval tour gives you the sights, sounds and smells of a very different Dublin.

We will have a thing, or a Viking court of law. We will discover whether might was right in Norman Dublin.

Mostly Medieval is a light take on the Dark Ages and will bring out you sense of wonder about Dubliners of old.

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Mostly Medieval | Walk Dublin (

Mostly Medieval Tours | Discover a Very Different Dublin – Walk Dublin

Halloween Walking Tour Dublin

Coffee Tour

Coffee Time


Hello from Walk Dublin we are delighted to let you know that we have found a new location for the Coffee House Tour and Tasting. The building is the oldest shop in Dublin trading since 1670. We will have a private room where we can test our taste buds to assess what it the coffee and what is the coffee substitute.

The walking tour takes about an hour and we find out about the rich coffee culture of Georgian Dublin. We discover what was happening in a time of information suppression. Coffee Houses were places where books were published and what the merchants of Dublin got news from the port. Auctions were held, deals were do and the lively walk is a nice gentle pace.

Then we will go to the House of Reads on Parliament St and taste the coffee and the padded out coffee! Why was this? Coffee was an expensive commodity so lots of unusual ingredients were added to bulk it out. The tour is limited to 5 people as the room is an original Georgian shop. You will have the opportunity to see the original interior of the sword maker and cutlers shop which dates to the 1700’s There are some steps as the staircase dates to the 1760’s but they are worth the climb when you see the fantastic room.

This is a cosy tour ideal for the darker winter months.

Coffee Tour & Tasting Experience | Walk Dublin (


We will have other dates during the summer and there will be a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 5 people per tour.

If you are looking for a special experience for a friend or family get together just drop us a line and we can arrange a date.



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A day in Wicklow

Today we visited Powerscourt House in the wilds of Wicklow with a group of eight people. It was a full day bespoke tour and we enjoyed all the pleasures of this wonderful destination.


We began with a tour of the Dublin Wicklow mountains passing through lush valleys and mountain bogs. The lambs were tiny and the gorse was bright yellow. The Sugarloaf Mountain rose majestically among the peaks and hills.

On we travelled to visit a new distillery which dates to 2018. The name is Fercullen which derives from the old name for the valleys of Wicklow and the various Gaelic Irish tribes including the O’Tooles and the O’Byrnes. We tasted three different whiskies of varying ages and there were bespoke foods to accompany each whiskey.

After this we had a tasty lunch in the distillery and explored the history of whiskey making in the region and visited the barrels of the golden uisce beatha, Irish for whiskey



Many have been bought by whiskey enthusiasts and they invest for 3 to 20 years for investment, presents, saving for a special future date and to leave a legacy.

We continued on foot to the main house of Powerscourt which is a fine Palladian mansion designed by the famous architect Richard Cassels who also designed Leinster House. The house suffered a devastating fire in the early 1970’s after the owners had carried out extensive renovations. However, after the flames subsided a medieval castle was discovered within the Georgian Mansion.

The gardens are beautiful and a very popular place for Dubliners to visit within easy reach of the City. There are a range of gardens to explore from Japanese to water gardens, to terraces and everything in between.

For a wet day the Avoca Emporium is a great spot for garnering gifts.

Easter Walking Tour

If you fancy a Happy Easter weekend we are running the Hidden History of Dublin Tour. The walking tour will begin at 2 pm on Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday. You will get a great understanding of Dublin through the history and  architecture of its homes. We will explore what is a home, whether it is a large Georgian house or a Tenement housing multiple families. Could a jail be considered a home or a fruit and vegetable market?

A home for many is an apartment but in the past many people lived communally in Convents, Abbeys and laundries and we will see a convent which was the home of a developer.

Green St Courthouse has a fascinating and varied history, the trials people faced, when there was no CCTV or forensics with swift trials & transportation or worse.

The Dublin Fruit and Veg Markets built 1892 for sellers to be out of the cold it is a vast and beautiful building where many tenement women worked.

We will cross the Liffey to see Medieval Fishamble St birthplace of Molly Malone. Winetavern St was the Viking core and find the writing on the ground!

Well let’s find out!

You will be able to avoid the long queues at Dublin Airport and have a hassle free and fun tour with Walk Dublin

Kings Inn framed by the arch
We will discover the History of the Kings Inn training barristers since 1541

Walk Dublin

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Hidden Homes | Georgian Mansions, Tenements Tours – Walk Dublin

Hidden Dublin Homes | Walk Dublin (

All abilities welcome with Accessible Walk Dublin Tours

There is a lovely foot rest being carried in a large trolley. It says we all can tour Dublin

All Walk Dublin Tours are Accessible!

Hello from Walk Dublin. Spring is in the air and even though the wind is chilly our welcome is always warm. You may already know that all of our tours are accessible. However you may not know that your carer, friend or family member can accompany you free of charge. It is good to get out and learn lots about Dublin City and even better to share the joy with a friend.

Our tours are about why things happened and not facts and wars. We chat and wonder about how people lived. Then how long they lived for and how the City felt and smelled.

When we begin the tour we look at buildings and imagine how they were in the past. What they were used for and who lived there. How have things changed over time.

From there we explore streets and see if we can discover what lies beneath the modern face of Dublin. Is anything visible or must we imagine it all.

The groups are generally small and there is a minimum booking of two people. So you can have a nice buzz and a friendly chat while finding out about Dublin.

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Dublin Tours | Exciting Tours For Dubliners & Tourists – Walk Dublin

Irish Wheelchair Association – Ireland’s leading organisation for people with physical disabilities. (

Short Winter Tours

It is Winter and sometimes it can be harder to motivate ourselves to get out for exercise. We at Walk Dublin have organised some shorter tours. You can feel fresh and stimulated without having to shiver with these one hour tours.


There is a choice of starting point to suit your interest either St Stephens Green or Merrion Square. You can admire lovely Georgian architecture and colourful doors and hear of equally colourful personalities.


There is so much to see and do in the Heart of Dublin City and you will have a great time exploring it with us.


Happy New Year

Blue wellington boots in a wet leafy puddle
The right foot wear can take you anywhere on a Dublin Tour

Happy New Year, may you have the right boots to trudge through the mud and enough doors to open for you to be happy with enough closed to inspire you and challenge your creativity.

May arches frame your thoughts and inspire you to look up and see the beauty around you…Especially in some of our wonderful Georgian architecture.

Our Georgian Coffee Tour is moving to the Phoenix Park, we will hear tales of duelling, dealing and dodging  in this expansive space. Then we will return to the terrace for coffee or tea depending on your preference.

And if you don’t fancy trudging alone, we are always here for a fun and lively tour of Dublin.

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Skinny modern door in contrast to wide Georgian door
No matter the width of the door the purpose is to see it as an opportunity not a barrier.






Green 1700's door leads you into a wide and elegant house. It is a little run down now but 300 years ago ladies had very wide skirts with metal hoops so the doors were made wider
This early 1700s door is extra wide to facilitate lady’s fashions. Large metal hoops were work under skirts to make the attire stand out, the doors had to be made especially wide of the ladies would have to enter the house sideways!


The is a beautiful restaurant called Mercado 52 that specialises in Californian and Ibiza style food

Our Safe Christmas Party Tour and Tasting in now Live and you can book it here at www.walkdublin/

With the new Covid 19 Restrictions the maximum number for December will be 6 people, so your tour will be extra private and really safe!

So what will we do? Well we will meet at 1 Merrion Sq outside the house where Oscar Wilde grew up then we will visit some houses where Daniel O’Connell and William Butler Yeats lived and we will see how life on Merrion Square changed between the 19th and 20th Centuries.  Then we will pass the beautiful Government offices and wonder how they are linked to University College Dublin.
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We will pass by the Huguenot Cemetery and wonder how the religious wars in France caused almost as many Irish to leave as French religious refugees to arrive.

Then we will find out the origins of St Stephens Green and whether “laser” has anything to do with leprosy. The rich history of this square can be lost as we pass it everyday on our busy day and so we can see where the statue of Theobald Wolfe Tone stands. We will wonder whether there is a reason for his location on this spot. Could it be Tone-henge from his defeat in the 1798 Uprising or was this area used for public executions in the past?

From here we will pass King Street and see the lovely Christmas lights and then travel to South William St where we will be treated to warming Mulled wine and yummy hot tapas in the beautiful Mercado 52


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