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Open House for Hidden Dublin Homes Tour

Walk Dublin is honoured to be included in the Dublin Open House Festival 2021. All weekend there are free historic and architectural events so you can get to know your City again.

Buildings which are normally closed to the public are open for the weekend so we have the opportunity to see inside some of our hidden gems.

We are presenting the Hidden History of Dublin Homes each Saturday and Sunday, free of charge to mark this special reopening of Dublin after some difficult times.

Should you not be successful in obtaining tickets for this weekend as the bookings have been very brisk, we guide this tour most weekends subject to booking.




Mostly Medieval Culture Night

Walk Dublin is delighted to be included in Culture Night this Friday. We are presenting Mostly Medieval a Family Tour where you get the sights, sounds and smells of a very different Dublin.

For information and booking details please check out

If you are not available for Culture Night we will be operating the Tour most weekends this Autumn. Here is a sample of the book Rats beware they Bite on which the Dublin tour is based…

Dawn was breaking and as the temperature rose, so did the stench. Most people didn’t notice it anymore; their noses had grown accustomed to smells of every kind, shape and form. Yet the young still had perfect olfactory functions. They were the unfortunate ones, she was unfortunate. She was a twelve-year-old girl.

She walked with a lightness of step. There was an air to her that made people look at her. It was some inner brightness that drew people’s attention. They were not sure why but they liked her. She was happy and healthy and strong and hadn’t yet realised that life had been a little kinder to her than to others.

The fountain had run dry and the women were somehow pumping the water from the bottom of the sunken stream. The course of the stream had been diverted to flow into this area as it was not working. There was a mixture of awe and envy from the women at the well as the girl edged forwards in line, ready to pump out some water when her time eventually came.

She watched as tiny amounts of water were extracted. The bottom of the woman’s bucket in front of her was barely wet. The women sighed as she showed the others how little water there was in her bucket. As the girl peered in, a long-tailed baby rat jumped out and landed on her shoulder. It paused a moment, then, once sure footed, it ran down her back.

She froze for some moments, then shivered and began to move again. Finally she got her breath back and squealed like a poked sow.

The women cackled, baring missing teeth.

“It is a sign that you are special,” said one of the crones.

“Aye, a baby rat landing on your shoulder means that you are lucky,” agreed another.

The girl relaxed and laughed too, it had only been a shock. There was nothing to harm her. Rats were everywhere. They had been for as long as she could remember.

She waited patiently to draw water for her mother, for her family, for their breakfast. It wouldn’t take long. There were only a few women left in front of her.

Rats: Beware they bite by Ruth Kelly (

Rats: Beware they bite eBook : Kelly, Ruth: Kindle Store

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