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The Fusiliers Arch is the main entrance to St Stephens Green. Lots of people are entering and exiting

Deadly Dublin Evening Tour

Deadly Dublin is a character driven tour where we find the most unusual, brilliant and nefarious Dubliners among the most famous Georgian or 1700’s Square in Dublin.

About the tour

This tour begins at the Fusiliers Arch, or main entrance to St Stephen’s Green on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6.30 pm

While we walk through beautiful nature, we discover some horrors of the past such as a public hanging ground and ladies oppressing servants for stealing their tea. We hear about concentration camps in the South African Boer War, wonderful speeches made in courtroom docks to a judge who was sleeping off a boozy lunch. We give a fresh look to old events and wonder are we luckier now or was that glorious past a better country.

What have lasers to do with St Stephen’s Green, let’s find out in this Dublin walk? We shall visit Lord Ardilaun and wonder how a private park could have been opened by a publicly traded alcohol. From there we will understand why some cost saving design features in buildings can be lifesaving!

You will be able to amuse and confuse your friends after this walking tour with what they think they know, such as why Central Park in New York, looks similar to St Stephen’s Green. We walk and talk about the what if; the possible courses history could have taken. Would Dublin have been different if history had turned another way at key moments of the past.

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City Hall the building in the photograph, where the coffee tour begins

For whom

The tour is ideal for friends or individuals to enjoy after work. It is also great for colleagues looking for a fun and deadly office walking tour,


Covid 19 Restrictions, small groups and all outdoors


The tour lasts about 1 hour


Very easy, flat terrain

Price:€15.00per person

Reviews from Google

Ruth has the profound knowledge, the experience, and an unquestionable love for her home city - the hallmark ingredients of a great tour guide. 3 hours flew by like 10 minutes and I knew that the answer she provided to each of my questions could have been 20 minutes longer :) I recommend Walk Dublin to anyone, who wants to learn about Ireland's capital, its people, history and the present. Profound gratitude and best wishes of success!

thumb Sergey Tagashov
March 5, 2023

What a wonderful experience! I took Ruth's Coffee History tour with the tasting experience with some friends and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Hearing about Dublin's coffee houses in the 1700's was enlightening and Ruth delighted with funny anecdotes about the characters of the time. I found out some really interesting facts about Dublin and Ruth took lots of time to answer questions. But the real highlight was the coffee tasting after. Ruth provided treats (gorgeous homemade chocolates) along with several coffee in the beautiful setting of Reads, which is the oldest shop in Dublin. All in all a gorgeous experience and highly recommended.

thumb Shane Meehan
September 5, 2022

Premier tour sous le soleil Fantastique sensation d'une ville parée de touches colorées, Un deuxième tour, Dublin intime, Impression vivace d'un ici et maintenant passé. Ruth, avec grâce, nous plonge dans des histoires d'une culture commune et singulière de sa ville. Une narratrice expressive et généreuse que je vous recommande. Thanks Ruth!

thumb Aline Yanak
September 5, 2022

We had such a lovely experience with Ruth … her gentle easy manner imparts endless knowledge of our ancient city . Thank you Ruth but thank you for your professionalism in dealing with a pre Covid booking two years later ! Class!

thumb Teresa Mc Gann
August 5, 2022

Very interesting tour, we had a lot of fun with the swordfighting! Also took us to parts of Dublin we had not seen before

thumb Ioanna Tsigkouli
August 5, 2022

A walk through Dublin with Ruth turns a casual stroll into a rich and rewarding adventure. Her encyclopedic knowledge and enthusiasm conjures up Vikings, grand Georgian soirées, passionate revolutionaries, and eloquent writers, all whirling about in this “seat of Western civilization”. After a journey with Ruth, you will never see Dublin in the same way!

thumb kevin ward
July 5, 2022

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