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Happy New Year

Kings Inn framed by the arch
Blue wellington boots in a wet leafy puddle
The right foot wear can take you anywhere on a Dublin Tour

Happy New Year, may you have the right boots to trudge through the mud and enough doors to open for you to be happy with enough closed to inspire you and challenge your creativity.

May arches frame your thoughts and inspire you to look up and see the beauty around you…Especially in some of our wonderful Georgian architecture.

Our Georgian Coffee Tour is moving to the Phoenix Park, we will hear tales of duelling, dealing and dodging  in this expansive space. Then we will return to the terrace for coffee or tea depending on your preference.

And if you don’t fancy trudging alone, we are always here for a fun and lively tour of Dublin.

Walk Dublin, Come on Tour and find out More 🌈☘️✨🎉


Skinny modern door in contrast to wide Georgian door
No matter the width of the door the purpose is to see it as an opportunity not a barrier.






Green 1700's door leads you into a wide and elegant house. It is a little run down now but 300 years ago ladies had very wide skirts with metal hoops so the doors were made wider
This early 1700s door is extra wide to facilitate lady’s fashions. Large metal hoops were work under skirts to make the attire stand out, the doors had to be made especially wide of the ladies would have to enter the house sideways!

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