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Walking Tours in Dublin - Fancy a themed walking tours of Dublin? See Dublin through new eyes from Medieval Tours, Coffee Tours, Hidden Homes Tours to Bespoke Tours

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A day in the stocks, when your feet were locked into two wooden panels and you can't get out
€20.00 per person

Mostly Medieval Dublin tour

Mostly Medieval is a tour is set in a very different time when children worked and got up really early. They slept in the same beds and shared this room with their parents, yuck! Often their houses had just one room.

Mostly Medieval Dublin
€25.00 per person

Hidden Dublin Homes tour

Hidden Dublin Homes, explores houses in Dublin through the ages. What does home mean to you? Is it an apartment or a grand Georgian House? It could be a boarding houses, or a tenement in the past?

Hidden Homes
Two colourful coffee cups and a silver coffee pot. These tiny cups are used during the tastings
€35.00 per person

Coffee Tours Dublin

We begin outside a 1700’s Coffee House and start to discover the rich coffee culture. Coffee Houses in Dublin were lively places where merchants met to haggle and make deals.

Coffee Tours Dublin
The main square at Trinity College Dublin
€40 per hour

Bespoke Tours in Dublin

We have bespoke tours made to your exact wishes. If you have a family, work or friend get together, why not create your own tour. We can adapt something or create a brand new experience just for you.

Bespoke Dublin
€15.00 per person

Rats for Tots

A treasure hunt and walking tour of Viking and Medieval Dublin. Lots of games and questions to really understand a very different Dublin

Rats for Tots
A cobbled street in Temple bar, people walking and blue skys
€15.00 per person

Deadly Dublin Evening Tour

Deadly Dublin is a character driven tour where we find the most unusual, brilliant and nefarious Dubliners among the most famous Georgian or 1700’s Square in Dublin.

Deadly Dublin Evening Tour
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